steel-log-siding-missouriA log home doesn’t have to be wood to be beautiful! ABC Seamless is continually striving to bring cutting edge products to our customers. Our newest innovation combines our seamless technology with the beauty of log style siding.

Imagine having the traditional log home you have always dreamed of without the maintenance.

ABC Seamless Steel Siding has introduced an alternative to the wood log home look. It’s maintenance-free Seamless Steel Log Home Siding. With ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding, everyone can enjoy the rustic charm of a log home every day of the year. The best part is you won’t have to move or rebuild because ABC Seamless will come to your home and apply Seamless Log Home Siding over your existing exterior.

ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding will give you the authentic look of a log home without the maintenance hassle. It is made of steel so it won’t rot or fade and comes with a lifetime limited warranty never to crack, chip or rust. Like traditional ABC Seamless Steel Siding, Steel Log Home Siding also comes in a variety of colors. This gives you the choice of how you want your home to look.

When each panel of ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding is applied, a warm blanket of insulation is placed between the old exterior and the new log siding. A custom made foam backer is then inserted behind each individual log contour for added strength and support. Your home will be as beautiful 20 years from now as the day it was installed. The only difference will be the time and money you will have saved with ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding.