Steel Siding vs Vinyl Siding




Extreme Temperatures

abc Seamless Steel Siding is not vulnerable to extreme cold or heat.

Vinyl Siding expands & contracts greatly with changes in temperature. Over time, this will cause the vinyl siding to buckle, bow, and ultimately become brittle, cracking easily.

abc Seamless Steel Siding will hold up to extreme temperatures.

Seam Visibility

abc Seamless Steel Siding is manufactured right on the job site using patented roll forming machinery. Each panel is custom measured and installed to give any type of residential structure or commercial building the clean seamless look we are known for.

Vinyl Siding is made in various lengths creating ugly seams. The average home has 130 seams.

abc Seamless has no unsightly seams. Your house will look clean and beautiful.

Color Maintainability

abc Seamless Steel Siding has never discontinued any colors or styles

Vinyl Siding contractors discontinue their colors every 3-5 years.

Vinyl siding provides no guarantees to you that the color you have on your house will be available should you need to repair damage from hail, airborne debris from mowing, or if you decide to add a new addition to your home. abc Seamless has never discontinued a color.

Quality and Durability

abc Seamless Steel has undivided responsibility and absolute control over the entire siding process. We have ONE superior grade of materials, and ONE reliable, time-tested method of installation. This level of consistency means that from raw materials to finished product, we are able to enforce our strict quality standards.

Vinyl Siding Contractors often buy vinyl siding from numerous wholesale distributors, based on who has the best price at any given time. Different raw materials may require different installation techniques.

Vinyl siding contractors can not match the quality and durability of abc Seamless Steel siding.


abc Seamless Steel Siding’s material warranty is co-authored with the manufacturer of the raw materials we use, the only one in the industry.

Vinyl Siding Contractors offer the material warranty provided by the manufacturer of the raw materials used on your home.

The manufacturer and the warranty vinyl contractors offer depends on which wholesale distributor offered them the best deal when they purchased the materials that ended up on your home. abc Seamless offers a best in business warranty.